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Simplified with Pluralo.

Pluralo is a booking software that is creating a brand of trust for businesses and agents that sell tourist activities.

We believe in making booking management easy for businesses and agents. We want to provide the best tools to increase your revenues and we understand that the right management of resources and distribution channels will contribute to a flawless operation for service providers.

A tourist entertainment company felt challenged by the market barriers of not having a system that answered to their real and daily needs. Pluralo was born to combat these shortcomings of real companies and facilitate their daily lives.

With an experienced and passionate team for technology, innovation and experiences that add value, Pluralo stands out for its innate ability to provide the best tools for tourism entertainment companies. And there is more. It stands out for the agility and flexibility to respond to the needs of suppliers, for the ability to integrate with the most diverse online platforms for worldwide experiences and for putting all the energy into simplifying the user experience and connecting companies, agents and experiences on a single platform.

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