1 What’s on the main page

2 How to log in _ Logout

3 Where do I fill out my company profile information

4 what widget is

5 How to create a new widget

6 How to add the widget to social networks

7 How the Stripe account works

8 Accounts

9 How to create and configure different sales channels

10 How to configure sales channel permissions

11 How payments through the widget work

12 How do I add teammates to my team

13 How do I disable a teammate

14 How to create and configure extras

15 How to manage my resources

16 How to create pick-up lists

17 What the Virtual Roster consists of

18 How to activate Virtual Roster

19 How to create a new product

20 How to configure availabilities

21 How to create Times and Prices

22 How to add features

23 How to add extras to my product

24 How to add pickups to my product

25 Where can I see events by dates

26 Information you can consult in the Calendar

27 How do I navigate between dates in the Calendar

28 How to filter the events I want to search

29 How do I check the details of my events

30 How do I make changes to an event

31 How do I cancel an event

32 How do I make a new reservation

33 How do I edit a reservation

34 How to reschedule a reservation

35 How to cancel a reservation

36 How to search for a reservation

37 How Payments Work

38 Editing extras

39 How to edit transports

40 How to consult a Ticket

41 Promocodes what they are and what they are for

42 When I create a campaign it is automatically active

43 What is the difference between Booking period and Start valid period

44 How do I find a promotion I already created

45 How do I apply a promotion to a reservation

46 I want to suspend a campaign

47 How do I know how many times a promotion has been used

48 I want to reactivate a campaign

49 What do the different promotion status mean?

50 How to manage your agent network

51 What do the different states of an agent mean

52 How to accept an agent connection request

53 I want to edit an agent’s information

54 I can’t change an agent’s email

55 I want to delete an agent’s file

56 What happens if you delete an agent

Derived to constant platform's evolution, all documents are dated to may 2020


Documentation in progress.
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