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Booking Platform

Manage your booking, invoices, equipments, team all in one platform.

Channel Manager

Let your team and  distribution channels be connected and updated with the latest informations about your services.


Access to a network of professional agents willing to sell your products around the globe.

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All your distribution channels
in one platform.

A solution for agents and service providers.

Pluralo is creating a brand of trust for businesses that sell turist activities.
We believe in making booking management easy for both businesses and agents. We want to provide tools for agents increase their revenues, and we understand that the right management of resources and distribution channels will contribute to a flawless operation for service providers.

Nothing make us fell more alive that new experiences, so we believe that your effort and energy must be focus in creating the best service experiences, and for that we will take care of supporting you with all the information you need, real-time. This is our way to contribute to a old-fashion market.